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One of our primary investment strategies is the acquisition of investment properties in select markets, either as stand-alone single transactions or in portfolios. Bantry Holdings will utilize our organization and in-house expertise to make capital improvements to the assets and aggressively reposition at significantly higher rental rates.

Bantry believes it is well positioned to successfully execute its investment strategy based on these key factors:

  • Bantry Holdings is a fully integrated real estate firm with the ability to mine the vast internal resources and expertise of the Principals
  • A highly focused investment strategy that concentrates primarily on investment opportunities in the Western United States
  • A disciplined and consistent investment approach

Bantry Holdings avoids widely marketed investment opportunities and seeks out off-market transactions. By focusing on privately negotiated transactions, Bantry Holdings maintains a higher probability of closing transactions at favorable prices and on acceptable terms. By avoiding heavily marketed deals, returns may be enhanced as the Company is not forced to pay higher prices by competitive bid pressure.

Bantry Holdings focuses on three types of investments where market competition is either eliminated or significantly reduced:

Controlled Opportunities
Bantry Holdings draws from direct access to investment opportunities generated through years of experience dealing with the entire brokerage community. The Principals of the firm have wide coverage of all the major real estate markets and maintain extensive ties to investors, lenders and property owners.

Created Opportunities
Significant value creation in repositioning and developing real estate assets requires entrepreneurial vision and often outside-the-box thinking. Bantry Holdings benefits from the experience of our highly successful team’s deal making capabilities and creative sourcing of opportunities.

Relationship Deals
Bantry Holdings has longstanding relationships in the real estate and financial communities that are beneficial by providing confidential access to investment opportunities. Our network of industry contacts is critical in identifying opportunities before they become widely available. Based on our relationships, these contacts bring their opportunities to the Company on a “first look basis.”

Our company focuses on the Western United States, delivering benefits to each of our clients through established market presence, market knowledge, and strong tenant, broker, and vendor relationships.

The complexities of real estate require a depth of specialized knowledge. The principals of Bantry Holdings are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in every discipline of real estate. The history of these professionals gives Bantry Holdings the ability to adapt successfully to market changes and to seek out and exploit those changes for the benefit of our investors.

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