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In response to the competition that exists within the investment management industry, Bantry Holdings Signature Services personnel have always endeavored to find new ways of approaching the challenges that characterize this area of real estate. Issues related to the provision of services at levels equal to the firm's reputation, to employee morale and motivation, and to exceptionally positive owner and tenant relations activities are among those that have received considerable attention.

Perhaps the most notable among the efforts pursued to address these concerns is Bantry Holdings Signature Services' Quality Tenant Service ("QTS") Program that promotes positive and active property team interaction with the tenants of each property the firm oversees. An expansion of this QTS Program is the "Commitment to Service Excellence * Going the Extra Mile" ("CSE*GEM") Program. In brief terms, CSE*GEM is a tag line that stands for providing the highest level of service possible to a property's ownership and tenancy. In basic terms, it stands for providing services that are always far in excess of what is provided by the competition and far in excess of what is expected by the recipient of the services. CSE*GEM also represents an attitude, or spirit, among a property's team members that calls for excellence and professionalism relative to the way all tasks are undertaken.

Recognizing the total importance of these attributes within the context of an assignment, our CSE*GEM Program has been developed and designed to:

  • Create and reinforce a spirit of total teamwork among the property's team members
  • Motivate each team member to make as strong a contribution as possible relative to achieving the property's goals
  • Facilitate constant and effective communication among all groups that are included on the property's team
  • Recognize special group and individual contributions that bring the team closer to realizing the goals established for the property
  • Improve the quality of the interactions that occur between the property's team members, ownership and tenants.

Overall, the fundamental objective of this program is to establish a personal commitment by each property team member to provide the highest level of service possible to the property's owner and tenants, and to reinforce the owner's and tenants' belief that the property and its entire management team are the finest in the area. In addition, the second critical component of the program, "Going the Extra Mile" reflects the attitude that each team member will do everything possible in anticipation of and in response to the needs of the project's ownership and tenancy. Each team member is encouraged and is expected to "do whatever it takes" to satisfy the facility needs of both of these important groups.

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